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For growers and businesses focused on boosting agricultural productivity and quality, Symbiota’s pioneering products offer a unique combination of benefits:

Broad Applications

Broad applications

Symbiota delivers plant benefits through each of the major delivery methods used in agriculture (seed, foliar, and soil treatments). Our products are compatible with all farming practices—from large row crop to greenhouses—for farms of all sizes, in all parts of the world.

Symbiota Benefits - Broad Applications

Safe and effective products from nature

By focusing our search on the microbes in greatest symbiosis with plants, Symbiota naturally restores key functions of healthy plants to make them higher yielding and more tolerant to stresses. These products are free of synthetic chemicals or genetic modification.

Symbiota Benefits - Safe and Effective Products

Improved production of globally important crops

Symbiota’s candidates have been demonstrated to improve yield, water-use efficiency, germination efficiency, salt tolerance, heat- and cold-tolerance, as well as improve pest and disease control in major crops including corn, soy, wheat, and cotton.

Symbiota Benefits - Improved Production

Rapid time-to-market

Symbiota’s discovery platform taps into the power of symbiosis to rapidly generate, test, and scale candidates that improve plant health and yield. Accelerated crop yield improvements enhance farmers’ competitiveness and enable greater quantities of high-quality, affordable agricultural products for consumers.