About Us



Symbiota was founded within Flagship VentureLabs™, the innovation foundry of Flagship Ventures. VentureLabs has been creating innovative, game-changing companies since its founding in 2000. It is the first institution dedicated to entrepreneurial innovation, where the acts of technology invention and entrepreneuring are performed in concert by a team of world-class innovators and professional entrepreneurs. The VentureLabs team innovates, invents, iterates, founds and builds startups using a unique, systematic approach that results in the creation of best-in-class new ventures. To date, 27 life science and technology startups have been created within VentureLabs, including recently launched Seres Health, Pronutria and Moderna Therapeutics.


Noubar Afeyan, PhD, Co-Founder

Managing Partner and CEO, Flagship Ventures


David Berry, MD, PhD, Co-Founder

Partner, Flagship Ventures


Geoffrey von Maltzahn, PhD, Co-Founder and President

Partner, Flagship VentureLabs