About Us


Symbiota is pioneering microbial solutions for Symbiotic Agriculture—a new approach to naturally improve plant health and growth by promoting a healthy microbiome.

By unlocking the potential of the plant microbiome—the beneficial microbes that naturally live within healthy plants—Symbiota is developing a breakthrough new class of biologicals that harmoniously works with plants to naturally promote crop health. Symbiota has built the first platform for microbiome product discovery and has generated a robust pipeline of candidates for seed, soil, and foliar applications in globally important crops, including corn, soy, wheat, cotton, and vegetables.

By restoring the microbial partnerships that plants depend on to thrive, Symbiotic Agriculture has the unique potential to dramatically improve crop health and yield — naturally.

Over millions of years, plants and microbes developed deep synergistic relationships that helped to make plants efficient, robust against pests and stresses, and able to readily adapt to environmental changes.

But the microbiome of many modern agricultural crops has been disrupted. To restore the synergistic power of a healthy plant microbiome, Symbiota has created the first platform to discover the most important microbial contributors to plant health and yield.