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  • crossMKRT, All in one communication for churches

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Solutions for: Church events, Daily Bible verses, Prayer requests, Donations and fundraisers, Alerts and emergency broadcasts

All-in-One CommunicationsAll-in-One Communications

Text, Voice, SocialMobile, Email, or Social Marketing? Get them ALL. Reach everybody via their choice of communication.

all in one marketingEasily Manage your all in one marketing
Online software with one convenient dashboard.

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Your crossMRKT  Account Includes

  • Mobile Text Ministry

    Mobile Text MinistryMobile text delivers the most impactful campaigns
  • Voice-Broadcast Ministry

    voice broadcasting ministryCreating your own voice-broadcast campaign right from your desktop
  • Social Media Ministry

    Social Media ministryGet the tools to drive exposure you deserve, driving audiences to Like, post, @mention and share your business with their own networks.
  • crossMKRT Single Integrated Platform for you
    Digital communication has diversified and so has audience preference, making it nearly impossible to reach your entire target group with just one channel.
    crossMKRT integrates three of the most popular messaging channels including text, voice and social, taking you far beyond just voice marketing alone.
    With All-In-One Ministry you can boost engagement and interaction by increasing response rates up to five times more than if you were to use only one marketing channel.

    videoThe crossMRKT Tutorial Video Library provides you with free online training that is designed to help you master our marketing software solution and guide you in the direction of mobile marketing success. Whether you’re new to crossMRKT and want to learn the basics, or a crossMRKT veteran who wants to take your campaigns to the next level, our comprehensive video library will help you exceed your marketing goals.

    Sharing Christ through Mobile Ministry

    If you are a church or ministry leader, ask yourself a very important question: Is mobile technology central to my ministry’s vision? The use of mobile technology for ministry--or “mobile ministry”--is more than a buzzword; it is fast becoming an essential approach to spreading
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    Included Features on all accounts

    Premium Mobile

    • Campaign Manager
    • Mobile Coupons
    • MMS
    • Mobile eCards
    • Mobile Voting
    • Appointment Reminders

    Social Features

    • Facebook Tab Editor
    • Facebook Like-gating
    • Facebook Coupons
    • Facebook & Tweet
    • Social Voting
    • Facebook Widget

    Collect Contacts

    • Mobile Keyword
    • Keyword Data Capture
    • Online Sign-up Page
    • Mobile OSP
    • Short Codes
    • Text-to-Join

    Interactive Features

    • Loyalty
    • Multi-channel Voting
    • Text-to-Screen
    • Shuffle Responder
    • QR Codes
    • 2-Way Text Messaging