Our Science

Plant Microbiome

Symbiota is developing propriety methods to restore internal synergies in the plant microbiome that improve plant health.

The Plant Microbiome

Plants rely on a vast array of natural, beneficial microbes to support their health and growth. The collection of microbes living in and around a plant—its microbiome—work in harmony with the plant to provide life-sustaining benefits throughout the plant’s life. These benefits include: delivery of nutrients from the surrounding soil, support of growth, and improved ability to withstand environmental stresses.

Symbiota focuses its discovery on the endosymbionts within plants that naturally protect them from stress and support health. Our unique understanding of microbiome science enables us to identify and develop the microbes in greatest symbiosis with crops. The result is a suite of products that work synergistically with a plant’s natural processes to improve attributes across each phase of a plant’s life and boost crop yields.

Plant Microbiome Research

A robust plant is one with a full, symbiotic microbiome that allows it to remain healthy under stress and fight off pests. Beneficial microbes naturally form beneficial partnerships throughout healthy plant tissues (Endosphere), foliar surfaces (Phyllosphere), and plant root surfaces (Rhizosphere)

Building on a Revolution in Human Biology

Research in the human microbiome has transformed our understanding of health and revealed the critical roles that beneficial microbes play in our metabolism, immune health, and defense against pathogens. Symbiota leverages fundamental insights from the science of the human microbiome to allow its rapid and targeted approaches to plant microbiome product discovery and development.