Our Science


Symbiota has developed the first platform for systematically exploring plant-microbial relationships and rapidly developing breakthrough product candidates.

Our platform

Symbiota’s R&D platform has a comprehensive suite of capabilities from discovery through commercial application. We understand both the microbiome and the plant, allowing us to optimize symbiosis in a systematic way. Our approach integrates advances in ecosystems biology, microbiology, plant biology, and bioprocessing to allow the rapid discovery and development of products that restore a healthy internal microbiome to improve crop yield and enhance resilience to diverse biotic and abiotic stresses.

Our platform includes:

  • A proprietary computational framework for revealing the microbes in greatest symbiosis with plants
  • Insights from diverse plant-microbiome samples spanning globally-domesticated crops
  • High-throughput microbe cultivation methods and proprietary strain collections
  • Rapid candidate testing and plant phenotyping tools
  • Formulation and delivery for broad-based product use in seed treatment, foliar, or soil applications

From discovery to tests in multiple cultivars in months not years

Symbiota’s platform and the nature of its products allows the computational discovery, scale-up, and delivery of candidates for testing in multiple elite cultivars within a matter of months. Our proprietary platform dramatically accelerates product development compared to plant breeding or genetic processes, which require multiple seasons or years to generate improved seeds for testing.

Plant and Microbial Biology

Symbiota’s platform for discovering the natural microbes that act in greatest symbiosis with crops allows progression from discovery to testing in multiple elite cultivars within months. This allows the rapid discovery of natural microbial products to address major needs in agriculture. By contrast, modern methods of plant breeding or trait introduction involve multiple steps that can require years before tests can be done in multiple elite cultivars.

Innovative Product Platform

We are applying our innovative platform to generate a pipeline of product candidates with breakthrough efficacy, shelf life, and scalability. Our scientific insights and microbiome discovery platform have allowed us to efficiently identify the microbiome components that form the closest symbiotic relationships with crops, enabling us to rapidly validate multiple candidates in greenhouse and field trials across a range of important crops in the US, Europe, Canada, and beyond.

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